Monday, October 06, 2008

Mi Leg Es Su Leg

For the record, should I ever get into a horrible car accident where my leg is dismembered and can no longer be of use to me, then I am fine with letting a fire fighter take it home with her. In an ideal world it would be mounted above her fireplace, but if she felt she had to use it to train her dog to sniff out disaster victims in a pile of rubbish, so be it.


Butternut said...

What's the big deal? After today's stock market crash she could go out to the sidewalks of New York and have her pick of body parts.

You could have your leg stuffed and turned into a tiny umbrella stand, or a back scratcher.

tankboy2902 said...

If I was her I would have walked around the job clowning around Carrot Top style: "He made me break my foot off in his ass!"

I'm glad you put that up because every time I pass a serious accident I can't help but think
of nipping in and slipping off with a liver. I figure I'm gonna need one any day now. I just
finished a shed so I have all the tools I'm going to need to put it in. Once I have the organ all I'll need extra is some duct tape and a bottle of scotch. No wait, that's how all this got started.

No, what I could really use from an accident would be a torso. My investments have also been shrinking, and I've just been priced out of the market for one of these. Now it doesn't matter any more. This all happened because I couldn't make my mind up between Pasty White and Light African. That's it, I'm decided now. If a train hits a schoolbus within 100 miles of here I'm heading for the scene of the crime!

Anyone got any tips on how to prevent freezer burn?