Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Post Debate Wrap Up

I think this picture about sums it up.


michelle biloon said...

Is he under that sink lookin' for the American dream? You ain't gonna find it there, Joe. What a rube. Who's with me? (high five, high five, high five)

Butternut said...

"I think this picture about sums it up."

America is a toilet in need of fixing and only a white man and his ass crack can do it? Say it ain't so!

My 401K dropped another 9% this morning. Wheeeee!! Lets invest our Social Security in the stock market just like the GOP wants! Wheeee!!

I haven't watched that last two debates but I did watch my House Rep. Brad Sherman say this bailout bill is going to eat our babies or some such thing.

Butternut said...

Wait, that's not a toilet. No wonder my hands always smell funny.

That guy has two belts and neither work. Is that what you meant? Two belts, neither work and we still have to look at ass crack.