Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Because Butternut Asked

It's all about whipping up suspicion of ACORN and claiming "massive fraud". Here's an article from the Washington Times.
Republicans are aggressively trying to depict Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama as trying to "steal" the election by linking him to a growing voter fraud scandal, deploying language typically used by Democrats when they have been on the losing end of a tight contest.

Three weeks before Election Day, more instances of fraud connected to the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now are surfacing, including Mickey Mouse registering to vote in Florida. The Republican Party is quick to pounce.

The campaign of Sen. John McCain, the Republican candidate, is highlighting ties between his Democratic rival and ACORN, which is under investigation in 10 states by either federal or state officials over tens of thousands of fraudulent voter registrations, including applications with duplicate names and fictitious addresses.
I'm really worried Obama will STEAL Florida from McCain. History proves that president's who steal elections in Florida, go on to destroy global economies. Obama must be stopped.

By the way, the above picture is McCain at an ACORN event, before it became clear that registering new voters would actually hurt his bid for the presidency.

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Butternut said...

Thanks so much, Laura. I feel better now and all is right with the world again.

Are the poor still allowed to vote in Florida? The GOP really needs to work on that.