Friday, November 21, 2008

Dick or Disturbed?

It always strikes me as odd when people comment on the dickishness of public suicides. Here's a comment from the Wired article:
wow what a dick why would he stream his own death? if he wants to kill himself...fine, but those people watching who probably assumed he wouldnt do it could be traumatized. Its his life, he can do what he wants with it but dont mind fuck other people who still have the balls to go on living
See, if you're going to commit suicide, you should be thoughtful about it. I much prefer the well-adjusted, clear-thinking suicide types.

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"Z" said...

very disturbed. I haven't had a personal brush with suicide in my family or anything like that but I do have something to share. I moved to Tn in 89 & I had the biggest crush on this cheerleader, we both knew who the other was as we were in the same grade & that type of thing but other than general attention, she wouldn't give me much more than the time of day. I kept this up for about two months or so then just asked her girls why she didn't seem interested in me. Come to find out a guy that liked her right before me commited suicide after so much rejection by her, and some other issues I'm sure. I was like u GOTTA be kidding me? Why wouldn't anyone have told me this months ago yanno? It was crazy. Anyway we kept in touch throughout highschool but never dated. Maybe it was for the best. So anytime I read a story like this I always wonder, damn just how bad does your life have to be to just end it like this or on whatever "stage" you choose.