Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fax Me Hard

I had to endure sexual harassment training today. Had to make it to work 1/2 hour earlier than normal so that my company could say they officially don't tolerate harassment in the work place.

Have you ever noticed that sexual harassment incidents always seem to spike whenever there's a sexual harassment seminar?


Butternut said...

Today a female coworker touched me on the shoulder in a reassuring way after dumping some of her work on me. I think there might have been some sexual harassment there, but since I didn't have my penis out this time I think I'm safe.

Laura Swisher said...

Tell her you felt reassured and harassed, and that in the future, when she touches you, she shouldn't give you extra work. If she does this again, dumping more work on you, report her to HR.

Misterfitz said...

I've been offered sexual harrassment training several times in the past but I've opted out of it. I know how to do it all.