Sunday, November 02, 2008

Foiled by HBO Latino

Setting your Tivo to record Entourage, only to find out it recorded the show off HBO Latino, es muy annoying. May have ruined my Sunday night. Yep. Definitely ruined my Sunday night. I am about to open a book. A BOOK!


Seaners said...

May I suggest renting out any season of Reno911 on DVD. Something about being uncensored makes it two times as funny.

Butternut said...

Well at least you speak the language. My Tivo mysteriously stopped recording all my season passes. I didn't notice for a week so I missed a bunch of season openers. Luckily had them. I checked, they don't have Entourage episodes. I think HBO repeats stuff pretty frequently on their 87 channels. You should be able to catch it.

What's a book? Oh, those things people on The Daily Show keep trying to sell? I kid. I'm nearly done with Bill Bryson's "A History Of Nearly Everything". It's pretty good if you like no-math science.

"Z" said...

i've often considered tivo, then I read that tivo & netflix & joining forces or something like that. i found out that I can get a $50.00 program to make my laptop work the same way so I think I'm gonna roll with that. I finished Stephen Kings Lisey's Story in september and I'm reading his Duma Key right now. Excellent book. I think I'm gonna read Dan Brown's Angels & Demons next.