Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Revolution Will Be Twittered

I signed up to Twitter about two years ago and never did much with it, but now I realize how important a tool it can be to let people know what you're up to in real time. Tomorrow I'm producing an interview with Heather Gold who just did a show about the the Terror in Mumbai and Twitter. Lots of people got their news in real time off Twitter feeds.

The important thing to take away from this entry is I plan on Twittering crucial information that people need to hear. You want to know how much I spent on gas last night? Look at my Twitter page. Interested in knowing what dive bar I'll be performing at? Twitter.

Because I don't waste enough of my time on Blogger, Facebook or MySpace.


RubyVee said...

How can we 'check out' a protected page?

Laura Swisher said...

Good point. I'll have to unprotect it.

"Z" said...

Just checked out the link to effifunny.com, awesome ^_^

however your Twitter is still protected -(

Laura Swisher said...

I'm now unprotected. Thanks "Z"!

"Z" said...

Anytime Swish. interesting posts. I think I'll have fun updating mine with vague info LoL ^_^

Butternut said...

I like girls with unprotected pages.

This just in, Prop 8 the Musical.

Prop 8 The Musical