Sunday, December 07, 2008

Smile, You're Under Arrest

It's a cute idea for a show. Cops seek to track down criminals wanted for arrest by staging elaborate hoaxes designed to ensnare their prey. From Broadcasting & Cable:
In this innovative reality show, a talented team of comic actors set up elaborate scenarios to lure wanted felons -- with outstanding warrants ranging from DUI's to drug charges -- out of hiding. These sting operations include opportunities for felons to work as an extra on a movie set and as a model in a fashion shoot, among others. Once the trap is set and the actors have had their fun with the unsuspecting criminals, police officers arrest and haul them off to jail.
It's funny because we'll all get to laugh at criminals, people who deserve to be laughed at because they can't deal with life very well and get caught up in drugs, or whatever other societal ill we look down upon.

The show I'd be WAY more interested to watch is KopBusters, which targets corrupt cops. Way more entertaining, and helpful, in my book.


gijyun said...

I can't decide what's better - this one, or Fox's OTHER marvelous new reality show, "Secret Millionaire", which let's " one of the wealthiest Americans, worth millions of dollars...go undercover into one of the most impoverished and dangerous towns in America."

But it's okay! Because at the end of their horrifically long ONE WEEK in "poverty," they get to write someone they meet a big fat check, and return to their cash-saturated lives feeling like a hero!

Because really, all poor people really need is a bunch of cash from a fleeting acquaintance, not a driving force with resources to change social policy, a decent education or sound health resources. Duh! Why didn't we think of this before?

It's like in Breakfast Club when John Bender accuses Molly Ringwald of toe-dipping in wrong side of the tracks so she can one day brag to her rich friends that she once went slumming too.

gijyun said...

Oh - I forgot to mention that the show somehow finds a way to mention church and Jesus in every episode.

Oh Fox - you joker, you!

Laura Swisher said...

Poor people = Ratings Gold
Witness "Extreme Makeover Home Edition"

Butternut said...

Some of my best friends are the poor!

"Z" said...

I love these shows. I've seen em come in all excited about getting a new car or winning a all expenses paid vacation LoL. They have their hands all up in the air like Yea!!! then walk thru the door like wha?!? & they're handcuffed! I belly laugh everytime I see it because ppl just keep falling for it time after time after time.