Thursday, December 25, 2008

Where I'm Spending the Holidays

Where's LA again?


tankboy2902 said...

If that's where you're spending the holidays I have two words for you Swish: you suck. I'm in a
crappy Brooklyn third-floor walk-up cold-water flat with only two rooms, a basic phone line, rabbit ears, a cranky gas stove, and a fridge that walks across the room because of a rattling compressor. My best bud is kind of an idiot with what I think is ADD and I have to yell at him from the window because I refuse to climb two more flights of stairs. Let him come down to me.

No wait, that's not me, it's Ralph Kramden.

Never mind.

I'd say how sweet it is but with the way things are going that may soon be considered a deluxe luxury condo. Actually, people back then didn't mind living in such spartan conditions, they knew life didn't owe them everything (or anything). So if we can get people to adopt a 1950's attitude we should get through this rough patch ok.

How do you feel about wearing a beehive hairdo?

Butternut said...

It rained a little here so the air was nice and clean. It was pretty cold though, for L.A.