Friday, January 30, 2009

Download YouTube Videos

Just discovered this website that will allow you to download YouTube videos. I tried it and it worked. I will be able to play around with it once my baby arrives next week.


Butternut said...

There are FireFox add-ons that do this. I've been using this one for a looooong time. There are others as well.

Fast Video Download

Laura Swisher said...

I'm not as advanced as you Butternut. And why did you keep this a secret from me for so long. Why?! I trusted you, man.

What else am I missing out on?

FifthDream said...

I used to use, but then i found a a program called "Free Download Manager" that does it much better, and saves ina lot of formats, or will just rip the audio out. (You can find that on or wherever...) It's nice to be able to save the good stuff that always gets taken down by youtube before you had the chance to annoy all your friends by forwarding the link to all of them.

Mr. Fantastic said...

The DownloadHelper extension for Firefox allows you to download all media embedded in web pages, not just flash files. ;)