Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mail Just 5 Days a Week?

This story is one of the worst I've read regarding the economy. I may soon have to tighten my Netflix belt. One of the joys of Saturday mail service is getting the next "The Wire" DVD in the mail. Sometimes I don't know what I'm going to do over the weekend. Then I get Netflix and the decision is made for me.

My posting has been scarce. This is so 2008 of me.


FifthDream said...

If the mailman would stop leaving his truck running on the corner for an hour without doing anything all the time, maybe the USPS would have enough money to keep going that extra day. We pay for packing supplies, postage, and taxes, and they want to cut back? Really? Pfft.

tankboy2902 said...

Every few years the post office talks about going to five day delivery. I wish they'd just do it and stop yammering. We can handle it, OK? I'll reserve freaking out for when the web (think: evil Comcast) feels the need to cut back. (Can't happen? Hell yes it can. Those servers and switches ain't programmable for nothing.) Just pick a logical day; every other article on this said it would probably be Tuesday. I stopped caring about my netflix turnaround time years ago.

It would be cool if netflix hooked up with rifftrax. I couldn't finish Aeon Flux until I watched the rifftrax version. I like to died when I saw it.* It would piss off directors (My film is ART!, you bastards!) but I'm pretty sure shoving wads of money in their mouths** would shut them up.

It's sad, but everyone has to cut back. Times are tough all over.

*Bet you don't hear that outside the bible belt.

** The problem with shoving wads of money in director's mouths is finding space to shove them in around the wads of money already there. Peter Jackson hasn't tasted anything but dead presidents for six years now.

When you say "My posting has been scarce." you must add, to preempt any potential whiners new to the blog, "...but please, look on the right side of your screen. See the 'I'm a self-absorbed artist type...' entry? Being self-absorbed I happen to know a little of me goes a VERY long way. If this is not to your liking I offer a full 100% money-back guarantee on the purchase price of this blog." And if you're still not satisfied, go fuc...

Butternut said...

HA! I just got season 2 disc 1. It's mine!!! (Seriously, just came yesterday... ha).

Infrequent posting? Are you kidding? You were doing multiple posts per day! I was kept busy rummaging through YouTube, Fark, and Wikipedia two or three times a day trying to be all witty and shit. I was enjoying the brief respite.

If USPS cuts back Netflixxx will have to get more streaming HD and new movie content to compensate or... LOOK I AIN'T GONNA READ A BOOK, MAN. YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!

tankboy2902 said...

Butternut, you're channeling Bush.

Cut it out.