Sunday, January 18, 2009

Yes We McCan!

Sorry. As I watch the inauguration concert on HBO, I can't help but wonder how this celebration would have gone down had McCain won. How many people would have convened at the Lincoln Memorial? Or would a McCain inauguration be held at a different location? What musicians and celebrities would turn out for McCain? Ted Nugent? Britney Spears? Who?

I also don't ever remember tuning into an inauguration event before in my life. Nothing comes to mind. I get that this is an historic event, but how much hoopla normally surrounds an inauguration? What happened with Dubya? With Clinton? Anyone know?

Regardless, it's inspiring. I got chills when Marisa Tomei addressed the crowd.

Gotta go. Queen Latifah is speaking.


tankboy2902 said...

This is what it's all about. If you don't get it you ain't got it. Personally I can think of only one other stop-the-clock event that was scheduled and not thrust upon us unawares: the Moon Landing. Sorry for those of you who weren't there to witness it, but for a moment an entire planet STOPPED.

See you on the other side. Love to everyone.

Butternut said...

Off the top of my head:

Reagan's attempted assassination.
John Lennon's assassination.
Shuttle Columbia disaster.
Fall of the Berlin Wall.
Gulf War bombing on CNN.
Now this.

I remember a lot of people tuning in for Reagan's inauguration too.

Who plays for McCain? I was thinking the same thing when watching Little Stevie doing "Higher Ground". I think McCain would have more of a country/western turnout, or perhaps mariachi?

Seaners said...

When YouTubing music at the GOP convention just now, I found this video. Does anyone here know if it was played there?

Laura Swisher said...

Just watched that. I know a lot of them. I spotted comics Matt Champagne, Scott Boxembaum, Adam Gropman and Garage Comedy producer Val Meyers, in case you have any desire to Google and/or MySpace them.