Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Belated National Sanctity of Life Day

I feel like such an idiot! Here I am focusing on all the pomp and circumstance surrounding the first African American elected president when there is a bigger, even more historic event taking place: National Sanctity of Life Day, which took place on Sunday, even though CNN says it takes place today.

President Bush says:
"My administration has championed compassionate alternatives to abortion, such as helping women in crisis through maternity group homes, encouraging adoption, promoting abstinence education, and passing laws requiring parental notification and waiting periods for minors."
As a woman, I have never felt more safe and secure than under the watchful eyes and laws of this man, and I'm a little frightened that Obama might try and reverse all the good Bush has done, particularly in the area of abstinence-only education. And if you doubt me, look no further than Derek Dye, the abstinence juggler.

George Bush, I will miss you.

I think there's something else happening today as well. I don't have to go to work and the mail man is abstaining from delivering mail.

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Butternut said...

Here's my tip to help practice abstinence, wear a sweater vest and a bowler hat. Problem solved.

And like Bush I champion an alternative to abortion.

Goodbye Mr. Bush