Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Danger of Facebook's Photo Tagging Feature

It took a few years, but my high school and college friends have recently discovered Facebook. How do I know? Because pictures of me that belong in a dusty shoebox hidden underneath old sweaters in peoples' closets are suddenly starting to resurface. No, not the cute college pictures. The other ones. The ones that reveal my questionable choice of attire, before I discovered skin care salons or Russian eyebrow waxers.

I don't think Facebook should allow any pictures online that were scanned from prints. It's BS. It also makes me wonder if I have any friends. Do these "friends" harbor resentment toward me? Did I offend them back in the day? Is this their revenge?

I'm going to do some soul-searching now.

Also, I taped an interview with National Lampoon Radio yesterday that will air next Thursday on Sirius. Or is it XM? I think I embarrass myself. It's all a blur now. But if you have satellite radio, and want to hear me put my foot in my mouth and insult a lot of nice people, check it out.


tankboy2902 said...

I'm going to do the following because this wave of nostalgia is taking me back to when Yahoo had message forums:

Whoa! Whoa! I'm number 1! I beat you, Butternut!

Now back to today's top story:

Um, yeah, I'm going to have to agree with you about the pictures. I have my own particularly bad timewarp pictures that I can clearly see in my mind right now, unfortunately. I just realized another advantage of digital cameras: no negatives.

Didn't know you went to school with the girl from Facts Of Life.

Everyone who knows someone who would make upholstery covers from those curtains raise your hands. I do!, I do! Or at least I used to. Ugh.

You know you left us hanging with the saga of the laptop? You get us all wound up and then leave us just short of a happy ending. What happened? Did mama-san secretly signal you the credit card was over the limit?

I cut my dreads off last night. They were a mess. Starting over with hair, then braids, then dreads. I was howling with laughter in the bathroom last night because I thought I looked like a lesbian. An ugly lesbian. Another stereotypical prejudice I have to wean myself off.

Laura Swisher said...

Laptop Update: I have a new laptop. Mamasan had nothing to do with it. It's all on me.

I now need to migrate files and programs from the old laptop to the new one. But I'm liking it. When it has all the programs I want, I'll be good.

Thanks for asking.

tankboy2902 said...

I didn't think anyone paid for it other than you. You sound like you have too much on the ball to be mooching off of people like that. A bad joke poorly told. Sorry about that.

Butternut said...

4th post!

Didn't know you went to school with the girl from Facts Of Life.

I was going to say Alex Borstein.

Well Laura it was high school and we all had questionable fashion sense in the 90's... Wait, isn't that a Nagel print in the background?

I don't have a Facebook account. I did a "Search for Friends" with my name just now "Dr. Butternut Acula", and I see someone has almost the same name as me! "Butternutt". Scary. No high school pics as of yet...

Butternut said...

... next Thursday on Sirius. Or is it XM?

About that...

Butternut said...

This just in...

Why aren't we on Facebook?

Laura Swisher said...

No worries Tankboy. I will no doubt try to mooch from my mother in the future. I'm not above that.

The Onion layout reminds me of Huffington Post. I thought it interesting that HuffPo would feature an Onion graphic.

I knew something had happened with XM and Sirius but I was too lazy to Google it and be accurate. Thanks for doing the legwork, Butternut.

duboisist said...

Hey Laura,
Although I haven’t commented, I have been reading your block from time to time. I just had to comment on this one.
I’ve been doing a bit of “forensic searching” of my “internet footprint.” I haven’t found anything that I’m ashamed of or will be ashamed of twenty years from now, but there is a price to pay for having been on the internet before www was invented. I’ve had to struggle to remember email passwords to discovered 29 messages --> 5 from the provider and 24 spam.
Thank god, I was always concerned about maintaining my privacy on the internet, but I too worry about how much harder it will become as more and more people are less careful about adding information because it’s about someone else.
We may just have grit our teeth and maintain a sense of humor about it all.

Take Care

Butternut said...

Clinton! Where you been man?