Wednesday, February 04, 2009

My Baby Still Hasn't Arrived

I have my external drive with me so I can load her up with programs as soon as she arrives. She left China last week for Alaska. She left Alaska for Louisville, KY. Today she left Kentucky and UPS informs me that she should arrive in Gardena tomorrow. I'm praying that means a nice UPS guy will deliver her to the office sometime tomorrow. I called Apple to complain that the 2-4 business day promise was bogus. My goal was to get free classes out of them. That plan didn't work; however, they did offer to give me a case for her. So although I'm disappointed, I have to give Apple credit for this gesture.

In other corporate dealings, I lost over an hour of my life on hold with AT&T this afternoon. I grudgingly give them money for cell phone service and Internet. Do I want to spend $150 a month to bundle my services? When the woman asked me, I had to say, "I don't trust your company. Your company illegally spies on its clients". And she was like, "I'll take that as a no." I think it's great that I hate my cell phone provider, but am too lazy to switch to another service.


Butternut said...

"My Baby Still Hasn't Arrived" You must be starving!

I recommend Verizon. They seem to be the least douchie of the providers.

I'm so glad I donated to the EFF last year. They rule. Screw cancer research, I need net neutrality.

Seaners said...

I just set one of these baby's up yesterday at school. I'm not sure what type of connection you will be using for your external hard drive but if its firewire 400 then you will be wanting an adapter since the new MacBook Pros only have firewire 800. Most external hard drives also do USB so if your using a USB connection, your A-OK. :)

Laura Swisher said...

I liked all the different connections on my Powerbook. I have too many drives requiring different cables. It can get annoying.

Might have to head to the store to get an adapter.

tankboy2902 said...

I hope Apple screws up and sends her eight laptops by mistake.