Friday, February 27, 2009

Sick of Airplane Jokes?

Ryanair is about to singlehandedly give bad comics a million more hours of annoying airplane jokes. Sadly, I'm too busy to come up with more on my own. I think I could get away with it at this moment in time, but soon this bit of news will be all over the place.

I'm still in D.C. At CPAC. I have spent the bulk of my time in my hotel room sending emails and working, but just walking around the hotel has given me a new theory: I haven't confirmed this with anyone, but I'm pretty sure that when guys join the Republican party they're automatically given a blue blazer, khaki pants and a red tie. This place is lousy with blazers!


Butternut said...

CPAC? Why the Hell are you there? That sounds like "The Man" convention. As part of their initiation they also are given sock garters, a box of cigars and a bottle of Scotch.

Most places don't charge you to leave a deposit.

People aren't going to be able to afford the pay-to-poo charge. I guess you bring your own baggy like you are walking your dog. Are they going to have another charge for carry-OFF luggage too?

They should have all you can drink beer and charge just for the recycling of the liquid.

Do they charge if you're just in there for sex or a smoke?

Hmmm... these need work.

Blue ice
Airline peanuts, in the poo
Free liquor on international flights
TSA inspection fees

tankboy2902 said...

When I fly I take lots of Hefty Ziplock bags, they're really useful for keeping the luggage organized. Besides the regular quart and gallon bags they now make a 2.5 gallon monster. I figure I'll save a few quid and double-bag my mess and surprise the ground crew when they check my seat pocket. I'll be famous around the world as the 'poo' bomber.

You mean like that?

I saved my half-cans of soda from my Ryanair flight. I still have yet to see them anywhere else. They're cute.

And you're correct about the Republican uniform thing. My cousin wore the EXACT same thing to a rally in Florida.