Sunday, March 01, 2009

You Down with JTP?

Yeah, you know me!

I needed at least ONE souvenir from my trip to DC. I now must check out of my hotel and do something tourist-y.


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Did the guy even know who you were? I would like to refer to you as 'Meg the Barkeep and ignite a whole new national debate?

Butternut said...

That's awesome, and really bizarre. I didn't know he was back stateside. You look scared.

"Laura the Writer"?
"Laura the Blogger"?
"Laura the Entertainer"?

Which Laura are you?

Laura Swisher said...

I think I'm "Laura who pays the bills and writes and blogs and produces and entertains..."

My life is definitely strange.

eksith said...

Is it just me or do you look slightly creeped out being that close to him?