Friday, April 10, 2009

ASU Sucks

Stories like this one make me happy I went to U of A over ASU (though I never even considered going to ASU). Here's the gist:
Arizona State University has added a new wrinkle to commencement controversies. After inviting the president to speak to graduates, the university says Obama hasn't done enough to deserve an honorary degree from the school.

ASU used to be ranked the #1 party school in the nation. It's a little ironic they're now pretending to be discerning. Crappy Notre Dame issued an honorary degree to Obama. That's because they don't take education seriously.

ASU issued an honorary degree to Barry Goldwater. I guess WINNING the presidency counts against you.

Things are still hectic. I booked the CBS pilot "Happiness Isn't Everything" and will be shooting it on Monday and Tuesday next week. And last week I was producing on a documentary covering "Dinah Shore Weekend" that I think is going to be awesome when it comes out.

AND if anyone doubts that I'm incredibly powerful in this town, look no further than this list of the Top 10 Gay Characters on TV. Ten points to anyone who can guess whose career I'm personally responsible for launching.

Okay. I've got to get back to the business of segment producing.


tankboy2902 said...

I don't know about the rest of you guys but Butternut and I have been around from the beginning. You better know this one, B. It's the G-man, of course.

tankboy2902 said...

I'm an old fart. I thought the Dinah Shore Weekend was about golf. I hope your documentary includes how it got its name.

Where has this cute part of Easter been hiding all these years? The Edward Hopper tribute is cool but I gotta go with the Nightmare at 20,000 Peeps. The B&W puts it over the top.

Butternut said...

You know I was thinking... Who? Guy? Bwaaa haa hahaaahaha... oh shit he's on the list!?!?! What the hell is Chelsea Lately? Is that about London?

"Staff Homosexual", really? Being defined by who you date? Oh well.
Round table

I had a pool party with both ASU grads and U.C. Santa Barbara grads. Great party.