Saturday, April 11, 2009

What Does This Mean?

One of the blogs I visit frequently forwarded me to this warning. Does this mean the website has malware? Geeks, please explain.

Went hiking with nerds today, including one of my favorite nerds, Blair Butler. Love that certain real-life terrain reminds gamers of video games.

Off to shower and head out again.


Ryan said...

Looks like a Safari Phishing warning.


seadogz said...

I think if you go to your browser's security tab you can un-click, the" warn me of suspected attack sites".
At least that's how I did it in firefox. ^^ Hope that helps.

Laura Swisher said...

Thanks guys. I guess I was just worried that malware might be installed on the computer and that Russian and Chinese hackers would take command of my laptop and launch a nuclear missile at us.

Seaners said...

Worse then that, you could get the twitter worm and then people following your tweets would get all discombobulated over your farcical twits. :)