Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mexico a Hotbed of Flu

And not the good flu, either. Cases of swine flu have been popping up. I guess they were jealous of all the attention China was getting with the avian flu incidents and decided something had to be done.

The World Health Organization is monitoring the situation closely. Cases of swine flu have now been identified in Southern California, Kansas and New York, so it's spreading.

I went on an ass-kicking, 10 + mile hike yesterday and am convinced I'm going to get Lyme disease. If a tick lands on my arm, I can catch it. If it lands in my hair... Suffice it to say I'm probably going to get Lyme disease. But not JUST Lyme disease. See, before the hike I stopped at a grocery store for snacks and there was a tamale lady in the parking lot so I got a pork tamale to satiate my hunger. The pork tamale coupled with the tick that's no doubt bitten me, will probably make me the first person to get Lyme-Swine disease.

I just want to say it was nice knowing all of you. If I end up in the hospital, don't try to visit. I'd hate to pass this on to any of you.


Butternut said...

Yeah, what's up with the tamale vendors in grocery store parking lots lately? They started a few weeks ago around here. Sure beats people asking for change.

Personally I'm stocking up on bacon, prosciutto, and sausages until this all blows over. Pork prices will skyrocket.

I got ticks in my hair once as a kid. Pretty gross. We didn't find them until a couple days after I got them. Sweet dreams, don't let the bed bugs bite.

tankboy2902 said...

Reasons I don't go on 10+ mile hikes:
1) my gout would leave me stiffer then Bea Arthur left out in the sun and,
2) 'round about the halfway point that parking lot tamale would Make A Run For The Border®. Way to go with the marketing slogans, Taco Bell.

"Z" said...

people were wearing face masks at work today. I was like what tha hell we're in tennessee?? people freak out here when anything happens it's crazy.