Thursday, April 23, 2009

On Set

Here's a pic from the set of "Happiness Isn't Everything". From left to right: Ben Schwartz, Me, Mary Steenburgen, Michelle Krusiec and Mitch Hurwitz.

Big ups to Michelle Krusiec who said she would email me the picture and then...ACTUALLY EMAILED ME THE PICTURE.

Who says actors are flaky?


Butternut said...

"Happiness," which comes from "Arrested Development" writers Mitch Hurwitz and Jim Vallely Oooh, interesting...

Are those nurse's scrubs? Would you be a regular? I know most pilots never make it but I'm crossing my fingers for you. Remember us blog buddies when you hit it big!

Cuervo Jones said...

This does sound very interesting... details, details!

gijyun said...

Sweet jesus, please tell me you're playing a nurse.

This photo is money, and not just for you: this means that when you skyrocket to superstardom I can brag to everybody about how long I've been reading your blog and listening to your podcasts.

Let the exploitation begin!

tankboy2902 said...

There’s one aspect of tv I have mixed feelings about: you don’t have to look at unpleasant people. Unpleasant, that is, in the sense of being unattractive. * “You’re going to play a prick, a complete a-hole. A very hot, very buff a-hole.” See any comedian’s take on the saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Yes, the powers that be will throw a patton oswalt or jim gaffigan in to be fair, but let’s face it, most of us ain’t making the networks. Unless it’s the local news where, ironically, we probably are at our worst and anything but prepared for the cameras.

That said, I feel really happy for this group of good looking people. Even Ben is working his Alan Alda groove. This one’s going straight into the tivo. Not to watch, cause I’ll watch it in real time, but for Nielsen’s to gauge it.

For your consideration: consider losing the two-fingered salute over at I get it. You get it. My religious neighbor? He don’t get it. And he’s the letter writing type. With the red ink. And the “Yours in Christ” at the end. It’s the modern variation on the “will it fly in Peoria?” question and I figured I’d just throw it in there.

* Sopranos being excepted.

"Z" said...

I was thining the same thing, are those scrubs? it's a very colorful shirt no doubt. I'm gonna check that out. I hope she does remember us when she hits it big Butternut, wow could u imagine??

"Z" said...

whoa yanno what I just realized?? her name is steenburgen not steamvirgin! lol for a good decade I thought it was steamvirgin. I didn't think it was funny or anything just a very interesting and unique name. just thought I'd share.