Monday, May 25, 2009

Budding Psychopath or Filmmaker?

CNN covered the story of a young girl who made a "shocking" cartoon video depicting the "Top 6 Ways to Kill Piper". Because the video appeared online and targeted a classmate, it necessitates hand-wringing from a national outlet and the requisite appearance by a psychologist to explain what might be going on in the mind of the girl who created the video. Some of the ways to kill Piper include shooting her, making her commit suicide, pushing her off a cliff and poisoning her.

I didn't watch the full "kill piper" video, but I don't think it included a double homicide disguised as a double suicide by the artful placement of key props. That would have been a clear case that the young girl was paying homage to "Heathers".

As it is, however, it appears this young girl channeled her anger at Piper into a video project which ended up online. And Piper and her mom are understandably upset. But are we really supposed to believe that young girls who harbor revenge fantasies are necessarily disturbed? I know I entertained many a disturbing thought when I was young. I was just too lazy to do anything with them.

So I'm torn. On the one hand I admire this girl's creativity. On the other, it's scary how much power the Internet has to shatter a kid's reputation or psyche.

I now need to get back to the video I'm making about my down stair neighbor Steve. He will rue the day he took my parking spot.


"Z" said...

i'm torn. as I love movies like Cruel intentions & jawbreakers, i really do appreciate the artistic views and also think they are sick in a creative way. i think when real life stuff like this happesn it should be looked at as a cry for help. I think the girl who made the slide should be suspended for a period of time and/or the school should really consider it's secutity options.

it seems cute because a girl made it yet if a boy made it there would be serious consequences. by all means build on the girls creativity & have her express herself in a "less lethal?" manner. let her run around the neighborhood with a video camera & see what she comes up with. I'd like to know if this is the first time she's reached out like this, are there other drawings or productions? what did her parents say beside their remorseful?

the media sucks when it comes to the questions that the people really want answered.

Butternut said...

Back in my day before the Interwebs we did this thing called Fighting After School. Kids need to get more exercise these days.

Rue the day? Who talks like that?

"Z" said...

I feel u Butternut. I've settled many disputes after school by the flag pole! u win some u lose some. but u live to fight another day.