Tuesday, May 26, 2009

U.S. Supreme Court Nominee Maria Sotomayor

There are a lot of questions surrounding Obama's nominee for U.S. Supreme Court Maria Sotomayor. The most important, and trenchant, question comes from the Associated Press: Sonia Sotomayor, The Movie: Who would star?

It's an incredibly well-researched article. They leave no Hispanic actress unturned.
_ Jennifer Lopez: Jenny From the Block comes from the same part of New York as Sotomayor, and she's already played a real-life, high-profile figure in "Selena," the film the made her a star. This take on Sotomayor's life would likely feature La Lopez in plenty of wardrobe changes, aside from the obligatory black robe, and gratuitous cutaways to her flawless hair and makeup.
_ Rosie Perez: Close your eyes and imagine how she would say the following sentence in her distinctively heavy Brooklyn accent: "Thank you, Mr. President, for the most humbling honor of my life." The intentions would be honorable, but unintentional hilarity factor could be high.

The hoopla surrounding the nomination of the first Hispanic to the U.S. Supreme Court is reminiscent of Clarence Thomas' nomination. In 1991 he became the second African American to serve on the Supreme Court. Although the Anita Hill controversy dominated much of the media coverage at the time, the Associated Press was there to ask the only question that really mattered: 'Clarence Thomas, The Movie': Who Would Star?:
_Gary Coleman: Close your eyes and imagine the sassy Coleman challenging the gangly David Souter over Hudson v. McMillian saying, 'Wha'tchoo talkin' 'bout, Souter!'
_Philip Michael Thomas: Goodbye Miami, hello D.C. Thomas could shed his sexy pastels and flashy image as a Miami detective for the somber robes and cerebral questions of a Supreme Court justice. Might be just the role to galvanize his career.
_Christopher "Kid" Reid: Kid would have to lose the flat top, but a charismatic hip hop artist might be key in getting younger audiences to care about law.

I have to run. ABC is doing an in-depth interview with a woman who rode the subway with Sonia in junior high.


Butternut said...

Based on the pic I'm going with Katy Bates.
Katy Bates

Laura Swisher said...

Eerily similar.

Butternut said...

She also looks like Kathy Bates. Argh.