Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dipshit to Make Idiotic Point in Court

Let me get this straight: When you make a provocative claim and people, quite predictively, react negatively, you should tie up the court system?
Paulo Serodio said that in 2006, he told a professor and classmates that he was "white, African, American," which he says accurately reflects the fact that he was born in Mozambique but later became a U.S. citizen.

He said some classmates and staff members at New Jersey Medical School found it offensive that a Caucasian man would call himself "African-American" and that the fallout led to harassment and eventually his suspension from the school.

My guess is that he also has a douche-y personality. Reminds me of the parents who were outraged that a ShopRite refused to write "Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler" on their son's birthday cake. See, their son's name IS Adolf Hitler!

Why do we give obnoxious people a platform?

I think tomorrow I'll change my name to "A Straight White Male" and then try and sue anyone who gives me a hard time.


gijyun said...

My attorney says to tell your attorney to "bring it."

estevan said...

what about white guys from south africa? those guys always throw me off.