Tuesday, May 12, 2009

PLEASE Trespass on My Property. I DARE You.

I think there are a lot of second amendment zealots who look forward to the chance to shoot someone "legally". And a lot of them probably look like the a-holes in the above pic.



Why would they be allowed to even post bail? Just so they could go back home? That's where this whole thing started! They need to be incarcerated forever.

Butternut said...

Too bad the child wasn't armed too.

Guns allowed on campuses

Laura Swisher said...

Great point, Butternut. If the children had guns, this tragedy could have been avoided.

Did they post bail? Sigh.

Matt Hartley said...

Uh, Laura?



William said...

"Smile I will"?

Graduates of the Smeagol School of English or just dedicated Yoda fans?

Laura Swisher said...

Matt, there was a TV set trespassing on our property. I had to shoot it.

Matt Hartley said...

I stand corrected, an armed response was clearly necessary in this instance. ;)

That and target practice is a LOT of fun when done safely, under supervision of those trained in such things.