Friday, June 12, 2009

Bad Cop, Bad Cop

I meant to post this story yesterday. I meant to, but I didn't.

A cop in Chicago beat up a man who was in a wheelchair. I'm not sure if the man in the wheelchair was more or less defenseless than the 72-year-old Texas grandmother (see previous entry). Either way, he's an a-hole, an a-hole that's going to prison. While I think the sentence is fair, some of his fellow officers do not:
Some officers said Cozzi was treated unfairly by Weis, a former FBI official brought in to head the Chicago department after a series of scandals involving officer misconduct.
"This is a message to all those officers in blue out there that after 15 years on the job you'll get thrown under the bus," defense attorney Terence P. Gillespie said after the sentencing.
Maybe the officers in blue should quit their jobs before they get to the point where they decide to, ah, beat up people in wheelchairs.

Non sequitur: Does your KFC chicken taste odd to you? It may be their "secret spices".

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Butternut said...

The "it's just beef" issue doesn't seem like a big deal unless you are Hindu and don't eat beef for religious reasons. Then it's a big deal. In my mind that's not as bad as when McDonald's did the same thing to their fries. Lots of vegetarians were pissed.

I loved Bill Maher's bit on the tasering cop. He called him a pussy for not using a gun like a real Texan.