Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Texas Cop Tasers Grandmother

Douche cop tasers a 72-year-old woman because he's an insecure, power-hungry douche too stupid to realize that he needs to limit his use of brutality when dealing with non-minorities. How could he not comprehend this? Minorities are scary; grandmothers are not. Everybody knows that.

What's even worse?


The entire world now knows what a Dick (his actual name) Constable Richard McCain is.

Nevertheless, I am grateful for idiot cops like Dick. The public needs to see that not all cops keep us safe. Some cops just like to throw their weight around abuse their authority. It's important to remember that because not all of these incidents involve old grandmothers.

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Butternut said...

I didn't know in Texas they refer to their police officers as Constable. There's half your problem. That will demean a man right away. I'm surprised they aren't Tasering every crying baby and howling dog in sight.