Sunday, November 29, 2009

CBS Cares...a Little Too Much

I saw this PSA on a flight and thought it was funny. Then I realized, "Oh wait. This is an actual PSA." I really want to see what would happen if men took CBS' advice. And if any of my male readers wants to take this challenge, please let me know your lady's reaction. Seriously. I'd really like to know.


Will_Stutler said...

LOL epic, as always you brighten my day with your humor and your smile

tankboy2902 said...

SNL couldn't have done any better. Actually, SNL should play that verbatim during the show. The only problem I see is how to measure the audience's response. How do you tell who thinks it's real or a joke? I know nothing about the science of surveying (people, not land), that's more the purview of you show business types.

I'll ask the wife when she gets home and report back. Or as I was supposed to say in the navy, "I do not know but will find out and get back to you, sir!"

We never did.

Now I'm wishing you had measured OUR response. You should have said you made the PSA and did we think it would fly, would CBS buy it? THEN you should have told us it was real. Half the time I can't tell when you're being real, which is fun. Deducing enigmatic people has been a life-long exercise for me.

I think too much. Does it show?

As an aside, I think I finally have proof that I work with apes.

I'm just kidding, I let them do all the work.

tankboy2902 said...

I asked my wife about a pap smear and she said I drink too much already.

Butternut said...

A woman can never have too much pap. I'll schedule one for you in my office, Laura. They call me Dr. Love, OBGYN.

Oddly enough, Laura already told me to give myself a prostate exam. Or something to that effect. She's so health conscious.

tankboy2902 said...

OK, my wife was really tired, that kind of worn out tired you get after work sometimes, so she wasn't as animated as I expected her to be.* She said no, she did not want me scheduling her pap smears. When I showed her the PSA she also thought it was an SNL thing. When told it was real she said, dryly, "that was stupid."

In engineering terms, it was a weakly correlated data point.

* We often have very lively conversations about how dumb some things are.

tankboy2902 said...

BUTTERNUT!!! So YOU'RE the guy George was talking about! You lead a double life, don't you? DON'T YOU!? Admit it, ADMIT IT! I thought you were just a lame blog poster but now I find you're actually the famous Dr Love. Exactly how many women have you practiced your love on? Why, I bet you're leading a triple, or quadruple, or septuagenarian life; aren't you, you old dog!? Well, I'm on to you now and as soon as I can get a hold of someone in the tabloid business who gives a shit I'll be swimming in moolah! You're done for, dude!

Are you related to Tiger Woods at all?