Thursday, April 14, 2005

Greetings From Carlsbad

Decided to put my lil' San Diego-ish trip off until today. I realized it probably wouldn't be a good idea and tempt fate on the freeway with a pregnant tire. Yesterday I took my car to the mechanic to get my tire an abortion. That's not true. I got the tire replaced. I think the mechanic is going to keep the tire or give it to another family who wants it.

DAT recorder update. I went ahead and ordered it today. Should arrive in a couple days. Did I wait to get feedback from people who might be familiar with the product? No. But I'm feeling good about it. Thanks everyone for the comments.

The only problem with the iRivers and stuff some people suggested is that they're fine for dictation purposes, but the sound quality when recording sets out in clubs is not as good. That's why I moved up to the DAT.

I'm writing this as my friend is trying to make her two-and-something year old finish his dinner. He's very unhappy about it as it's cutting into his Montor nc time. That's Monster's Inc. to you and me. I've nicknamed him "Lungs" because he has the most marvelous piercing scream. Lungs just finished his dinner and has resumed watching the flick.

I'll sign off now because I'm being rude.


DogsDontPurr said...

2 year olds....bad
dat recorders....good

Good luck!

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Two year olds bad?

*covers ears*

la la la la la, not listening to negativity about la la la la

RedLobo said...

To shutup 2 year olds I suggest you force feed it the nighttime sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever, sleep better to fall asleep better medicine, Nyquil.
My mom used to give me a bottle a Nyquil and she would take a bottle of Jack Daniels. We would be so refreshed when we wake up at 5 in the afternoon. It worked like a charm although I am now dependant on crack but certainly there is no relationship between the two.

Judy said...

What was that? Huh? Sorry, I can't hear you - must be that incessant, piercing scream coming from your end!