Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Happy Soapbox Day

I have a héadache today. I'm not sure if it's because I didn't have my double short lattë, or because I had to drive deep into Glendale. Could be both. And I haven't had any exciting news in the past couple days, or burning topics I want to address. When I refer to burning topics, I usually mean those topics that really only affect me. So today, because I can't think of anything me related--although notice the new, shorter line splitting the page--I've decided to address a couple political topics that are more thoroughly addressed on other sites.

I might be learning this a bit late, but it looks as if our past election might have been stolen as well. What does it mean to be a democracy when two elections in a row go to the politician with fewer votes? Makes you wonder how democratic the system is.

I know, this definitely sounds like the grumblings of a sore loser Democrat, but there's A LOT of circumstantial evidence. A lot. I started to read Representative Conyers report on voting abuse in Ohio and it looks as if 95% of the "errors" were in Bush's favor. It was just coincidence that precincts in Bush-friendly territory had plenty of voting machines and short lines, and that precincts in poor, urban areas saw huge lines and intimidation tactics.

It's hugely frustrating to learn the facts and find out that crooks are getting away with stealing our democracy.

Since I'm not a pundit I'll spare you further commentary. Anyone in Ohio reading this? Please hold your corrupt politicians accountable (rare coins, anyone?). I'd suggest how, but, like I said, I'm usually focused on myself and haven't done the requisite research to know about grassroots organizing, legal loopholes, etc.

Below you'll find links to articles that shed light on some whoppers that, for some strange reason, haven't energized the electorate to demand justice.

The first article is the most important one, and the rest are in no particular order. Anyone mad?

'American Idol' Scandal Stinks All Over
The Big Lie

Case for War Fixed

Was Bush just re-elected legitimately, or was voter suppression and machine malfunction or malfeasance used to manipulate election results?

What Are the Odds Ohio Election Errors Weren't Intentional?

Conyers Report on Ohio Election Fraud


flemlaski said...

I don't believe that Bush stole the election. That is because he didn't have to. For those that voted for Bush because he was supposed to be a conservative and a regular guy but what did we end up with? We got a big spending elitist liberal in Republican clothing.

For all those how complain about the election it reminds me of George Orwell's famous quote, "All those who yell about freedom, the more I can hear their chains rattling."

Laura Swisher said...

Everyone knew Ohio would be a battleground state; it was leaning toward Kerry. So if you're a political operative that's nervous about the outcome, you might use your pals in the Republican party to create unprecedented policy anomalies in the voting process to benefit your candidate. Regardless of whether you support Bush or not, there were far too many irregularities to simply rely on one's belief or gut feeling without an actual investigation.

Also, thank you for your input.

Yogifish said...
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Yogifish said...

At some point our worst fears must be faced. It's how we deal with them when they reveal themselves is all that matters.

I can't say that I've handled the situation very well myself. I keep waiting for someone with authority to standup and get things back on a civilized track. I'm coming to the realization that if I don't do something constructive or inspiring to others, I can't expect things to change.

Funny, smart and a pretty smile.. a wonderful combination. Keep it going :)

Matt Hartley said...

It all comes down to marketing. For instance, let's say that you are in the market to sell a guy who can't say nuclear. So realizing that all the Hooked on Phonics books and Special Ed classes won't help him win an election, you have to rely on the best standby tactic in the world - fear. When used properly, you can sell ANYTHING by simply using fear to help you get your point across.

Allow me to explain...
Why do people buy renters insurance. Is it because it looks good with a particular pair of jeans? Maybe it helps to kill bad breath? No, it's because the industry has convinced us that our world will come to an end if we don't buy it. Needed or not, we buy it out of fear. That's right, fear of loosing all of that crap we have worked hard to accumulate through years of dumpster diving and abiding by the carny code. See, we are conditioned into believing that we need it. Now in this case, there is some logic for the argument of buying into this form of insurance. That really comes down to your belief system.

Back to the Bush...
Speaking for myself, I believe that we have allowed ourselves to become a nation of frightened, blind, 'believe anything that the man on the talking box says' lemmings. Liberal or conservative, it really makes no difference. If one candidate can sell us on fear just enough, you can bet your bottom dollar that people will vote for him. Not because he is the right man for the job. Rather, because he scared the @#$# out of a lot of people in this country.

Speaking for myself, I will not support any man that gives his thumbs up on that diseased document laughingly called the 'Patriot Act'. Just because you attach words like freedom and patriot to something, doesn't mean that it is a true reflection of those values.

Oh, while I'm thinking about it. I have to say that I admire Laura for pointing out the oddities behind the situation with Ohio. While I am careful not 'take sides' publicly too often (long story there), I must admit that she has a very valid argument. It takes courage to point stuff like this out. And with our personal liberties under attack on a daily basis, she has shown me that perhaps I need to be a little more vocal about concerns that I have with the way things are going in this country.

Butternut said...

What is this "American Idol" you speak of?

I wouldn't be surprised that the election was stolen, again. In order for change to happen I would expect that, like most things of this nature, people need to start being sent to jail, sued, or publicly humiliated. I'm thinking wedgies or boobs popping out on TV. Either will do.

I used an absentee ballot so I avoided lines and could vote and research online at the same time. :)

Iraq was not a threat to the U.S. and Bush knew that well. There's footage of Colin Powell saying so in a press conference in March 2001. (See Fahrenheit 911). Iraq was a threat to our financial allies they bordered. Plus Iraq has oil which if we can partially control will give us a ‘metric buttload’ of power. It was yet another case of a dictator we helped in the past no longer playing ball with the U.S. so we wanted to remove him from power before he threatened our allies (Saudi's, Kuwait).

Let's see, who has the bomb right now? N. Korea, Pakistan, possibly Iran? Yeah, look at Bush mobilize that army. Oh wait, it’s totally overextended and we are now having problems getting people (poor people) to sign up for the military. It’s like Bush II: Electric Boogaloo.

I need to pee.

Matt Hartley said...

Bush II: Electric Boogaloo

That is funny. Sounds like some movie you would find at the Good Will bargain bin under Beta. ;o)

northside777 said...

The problem with the argument in this case is that Kerry lost by 100,000 votes. In 2000 Gore lost by only 562 so it was more believable that Bush could have stolen the election. Along with the fact that his brother was governor. The Civil Right Commission came down to Florida and did exensive investigations into the so called "anomalies" that happened in various Democrat controlled counties and found that only one case was true. In that case a woman was turned away from the polling place because they were supposed to be closing but a man behind here was taken in. Most of the other anomalies were felons trying to vote or people not being register properly. I say let the Civil Right Commission go in and investigate like they did in Florida.

One problem with your argument is that the Ohio canvassing board is made up of 5 Republicans and 5 Democrats so, why would the Dems sign off on the elections if all this fraud was going on.

velveeta said...

Laura will you cover the 2 other stolen elections during the 2004 election cycle?

Those elections would be the Washington gubernaural race were as many as 1500 felons voted illegally in the election to swing it for the Democrat candidate.
The other election would be the Defense of Marriage ballot initiative in Lousiana were one judge with his head up his robe eliminated the votes of all the citizens.

Robert said...

That is the problem with aligining yourself with a particular candidate. That person will let you down no matter what. They are only human. You have to look at the organizations supporting them(giving them the power) and decide do you believe what these groups believe. That is a diff between DEMS and REPS, the DEMS are a little more fragmented at this time and seem to have a huge number of small to medium special interest groups backing them. The REPS while still backed by special interest, are not as answerable to as many groups, just a few medium to large ones. It's not that you can't stand for a lot of things, but to get your message across to the public, you have to keep it simple. As for voting anomlies, they will always be there. It does not matter if it is a local, state, or national election. The important thing is to keep VOTEING! Eventually, the law of averages says you will get your message through at some point.

Patrick said...

Dubya's little nation-building operation in Iraq troubles me a lot more than the election itself. I voted for neither Bush nor Kerry, knowing full well the "war" would proceed no matter who won.

It never ceases to amaze me how desensitized Americans have all become regarding Iraq. It's killing, death, kidnapping, destruction every day. Where is the outrage?

Laura Swisher said...

In point of fact, it's been proven that thousands upon thousands of would-be minority voters were scrubbed from the lists in Florida because the state supposedly wanted to get felons off the list. The government took people off the lists when their names didn't even match those of actual felons. Angel/Angela, what's the difference? The difference was enough votes to change the election.

As far as Ohio goes, I can't say if the fraud amounted to more than 100,000 votes or not. I can say that exit polls didn't match up with the final tally, and from what I understand, exit polls were leaning toward Kerry.

I don't care what side of the fence you're on, systemic suppression of our rights poisons our democracy. And the facts are there, both in Ohio and Florida.

And to the person who pointed out the election in Washington, my opinion is simply that elections should be fair. Period. It's not a Democratic vs. Republican debate.

theking004 said...

Even here in CA there are major differences in polling places. Richer communities have better polling places with much easier access. I had to drive past a polling place a block from my wonderful ghetto home in order to get to the small little church that was my voting place. Anytime we suppress peoples right to vote shows our lack of growth as a nation.

I also believe the same thing applies to American Idol :P It's all rigged lol Laura stop watching that show. There are still reruns of Good Times & What's Happening that you could be watching (also available on dvd)

These shows also would ease your pain of having a lame President (& Govenor)

northside777 said...

My point was let the Civil Rights Commission come in and prove whether the anomalies were real or made up. The Civil Right Commission came to Florida and throughly investigated the election and could not prove that any of the people that were refused at the polls were not felons. I know many on the left didn't pay attention to the findings because it didn't match up with what they wanted but I followed it closely because I live in Florida.

flemlaski said...

Hey northside don't forget that then Sec of Defense William Cohen helped steal thousands of military absentee ballots. And "Fast" Eddie Rendell did in the 2004 election in Penslyvania to are fighting men and women while they are at war. I think maybe someone should shine some light on that because I will never forget Bill Cohen high fiving Algore's lawyers when they got the military ballots thrown out. But I'm sure that all those left wing websites Laura listed forgot to mention that and New York Times was to busy covering Abu Gharib to focus on anything else. Since George Soros and Michael Moore don't care why should we.

velveeta said...

The exit polls didn't match because they were not accurately taken. The Kerry people were made aware of the positions that the exit pollers would be stationed and posted supporters to queer the results. If you noticed that the exit polls were dramatically off in the 2002 elections and also in the British elections.

On a side note the ACLU disenfranchised another state with the decision yesterday by a judge to overturn Neberaska's DOMA. Don't forget that they also did it in California with the throwing out of Prop 187.

GL44 said...

velveeta you shouldn't expect those on the left to be intellecutally honest. They complain only when their side loses and then they come up with all these conspiracy theories. Then when someone tries to investigate the allegations it becomes not the nature of the evidence but the seriousness of the charge so even if the claim is disproven they can still cry and whine about in the years to come (just look at Florida). If you notice to they never talk about the 1000s upon 1000s of dead people that always end up voting for Dem. candidates. Or any of the illlegal immigrants that end up voting too. Shelia Jackson Lee (D-Texas) said on Tuesday on C-SPAN that her party wants to immediately recognize the illegals so they could vote. I wonder who they might vote for.
Maybe Kerry just wasn't a good candidate and also why would he be allowed to win if Hillary is planning on running in '08.

I guess it is fair to for a judge to throw out everyone's votes because its okay as long as the decision comes in for the left because that is the normal order. Judges of course are infallable and some of you think that I should be arrested for questioning judges decisions. On top of that it makes you uncommmfortable. Perhaps Michael Savage has it right and liberalism is a mental disorder.

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