Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Asians Better Picture Lookers

What Do You See?, originally uploaded by laurajswisher.

First math and science and now THIS. I am sick and tired of other nationalities with their annoying work ethics, study habits and sense of community over individuality. It's bullshit.

So today I'm doing my daily reading and I come across an article in Wired in which they report that Asians "see more" compared to Americans. Say you give an American and an Asian (presumably an Asian from Asia, as opposed to one from Orange County) a picture, and after they've looked at it for a while, you ask them to describe what they saw. Well, the Asian will most likely describe the image in much greater detail, while the American will describe only bright shiny things. Conclusion: Americans are retarded.

Okay, the magazine article didn't actually say that. That would be offensive. I'd have to write in and protest the magazine's insensitivity. Nevertheless, Americans have little capacity for noticing anything more than the obvious. For example, if looking at a picture of a fish, the American might say, "I SEE FISHY! IT'S A FISH! FISHY FISH FISH." The Asian might say, "I see murky, greenish water. There are rocks and sand on the sea floor. Seaweed flows to the right, as if there's some kind of current, and in the foreground is a parrot fish, or what scientists call Sparisoma scarus."

I fear that China is going to supplant the U.S. as a superpower because of their hegemony in polaroid identification technique.

What's happened to us, America?

I've gotta run and watch "So You Think You Can Dance?" which I taped recently.


velveeta said...

I wondered if you saw the story about the Mexican Presidential candidates starting their campaigns in LA. Also the term "illegal immigrant" is too offensive so it has been replaced, we are now to call them "travelers."

DogsDontPurr said...

Mmmmm......Sparisoma scarus!!

Butternut said...
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Butternut said...

I see potential sandwiches. I'm an optimist.

I see that I need to get back to Hawaii, fast.

I see a lack of hot Photoshopped pics of Laura, and I feel sad.

I see words that make me laugh, because I'm looking at Swisher's Untitled Blog Project.

I don't see high-def porn. Why aren't Asian companies like Sony, Toshiba, etc. pushing this technology since they can see more than we can? I tell ya, it's all about priorities!

[The above post was deleted because of a grammar mistake. I are smarts.]

FifthDream said...

Americans aren't retarded, we're just lazy, and proud of it.

c_neil said...

I'm in an American living in Asian and I can definitely see why this article would be truthful. Asia is so densely populated that they can't afford to offend people and then retreat to their homes. With so many people living in such tiny spaces it is critical that they focus on detail and harmony. Americans, especially those from the West and Midwest, really couldn't care less about harmony.

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