Friday, November 11, 2005

Ask a Weatherman

I'm proud to belatedly announce that NBC weatherman Fritz Coleman will be on weezyandtheswish this Saturday. I've always been a big fan of weather. It's fun to talk about, fun to experience, and it's crazy! I mean, one day it's happy, the next day it's spreading e-coli via floodwaters. Crazy.

I know you all have questions you would ask a weather expert, if you had the opportunity to sit down with him or her. Not all of you can be me, however, with this kind of super access. So, if you have questions you'd like me to ask, please post them. Even if the question is stupid, post it.

I'm thinking of the following:

Is fellow weatherman Dallas Raines an a-hole?

Why don't you have a catchy name?

Can I call you Thunder Coleman?

What is barometric pressure?

Is the Bermuda Triangle for real?

Can you pretend we're doing our podcast in a hurricane and shout all your answers?

Do you feel threatened by the new Nic Cage film?

Do you have weather groupies

How early do you have to get up?

Are you still doing stand-up?

Blah blah blah. Please add more.


Kerstin said...
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DogsDontPurr said...

How do you get to be a weatherman? Is there a weather school?? And how come there are so few *weatherwomen*?? Actually, come to think of it, do weatherwomen exist at all?? Hmmm....

NickDSchultz said...

I notice a lot of weatherwomen get pregnant quickly... *shrugs*

I second the Weather Groupies question Laura already posed...

huck said...

Why is rain so cold? Can't we do something to warm it up a little?

What good is doopler radar when it only tells you it's raining outside? Can't we just look out the window?

Other than Al Rooker, why is it that you only see black weathermen during natural disasters? Can't they work inside like everyone else?

Exactly what is the difference between partly cloudy and partly sunny? Does the weatherman's mood determine which to use during a forecast?

Will said...

LOL@the partly cloudy/sunny question. Yes ... please ask that one.

Great blog, BTW. New here, but will definitely be back.


Vert said...

Do they know that people don't know what a cold front is or dew point?
They could save time by just saying its hotter than fat man's armpit and call it a day.

Clinton Freeman said...

1. You have to actually ask one of your questions. No punking out.

2. Here are my questions

If David Letterman was once a weatherman, how hard can your job be?
Wouldn't your 7 day forecasts be as accurate if you used a ferret that you taught to roll dice?
Do you use the green screen to fake vacation photos?

TK said...

Kind of makes you wish they had invented a rectal barometer so that you could use it on these guys.

TK said...

Kinda wish someone would invent the rectal barometer and use it on these guys.

Peabo DeBarge said...

you should have asked him if he had anything to do with the disappearance of christopher nance and his mini-fro from the channel 4 lineup.

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