Saturday, November 12, 2005

World's Worst Airline Passenger

And you thought it was bad sitting next to someone whose girth spilled over into your seat. Imagine if your seat mate bit you.

The family of a teen from Central Florida is suing Jet Air after an unticketed passenger allegedly bit him, endangering the future of his foot.

The teen said the spider must have climbed into his shoe during the Jet Blue flight to New York out of Orlando International Airport.

During the flight, Hart said he remembered dumping a dead brown spider from his shoe after the apparent bite.

Here's what I have learned from this story:

Don't take your shoes off during a flight.
Stay away from Florida.
If you're ever injured in a freakish manner, make sure to hold a corporation accountable for it (I suggest a rattlesnake bite at Starbucks).

This is all I have today. Must get ready for Thunder Coleman this afternoon.



NickDSchultz said...

eeee... If I had anything close to a phobia, it'd be of spiders...

ANd I don't like the idea of flying...

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Aaron said...
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Aaron said...

^^Although Spam was a resource that aided the survival of hawaiian during the second world war, it isn't exactly welcome here. And when did Laura ever mention eCommerce? These bots need to get smarter.

Sorry that this had nothing do witht he actual post. I'm about as bad as that spammer now.

cinemafreak said...

Forget Snakes on a Plane!


Tim said...

Local6 in Florida week in week out has the craziest headlines in the world. By craziest I mean "most compelling series of arguments for not living in a given local namely the state of Florida".

I'm back about 4 podcasts. How will I ever catch up. I'm not asking.

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