Thursday, November 03, 2005


As I mentioned in my last post, I've had almost no free time these past couple of weeks. Work is crazy, and I have a second project outside of work that takes an inordinate amount of time and, on top of that, I'm rehearsing for a show which we're putting up this coming Tuesday.

Just had our second to last rehearsal tonight and am proud to say that I'm probably the least prepared person in the show at this point. So the next few days I will be harnassing all my mental energy to getting my lines down so I can do them backwards and forwards.

Apparently the show sold out in a week and people might be turned away. Naturally, most the people I invited didn't bother to RSVP. Also naturally, I didn't stress the importance of actually RSVPing. We'll see what happens.

In other news, I broke down and purchased a laptop. I have dreams of editing an eight hour documentary covering the life of Ken Burns. I haven't written anything or even contacted him, but I figured I'd better go out and get a laptop right away. Tonight marked a milestone for me in laptop ownership in that I figured out how to get online wirelessly. Such a rush! I've now done it in the bedroom, the kitchen, the laundry room and the staircase outside my apartment. Sometime this weekend, I may try it--dare I say it?--in a cafe.

But here's where I start to worry. My uber geek friend Andrew Solmsen (mispelled I'm sure) carries one of those Blue Tooth "sniffer" thingy devices wherever he goes that tells him who's online wherever he is. I watched him call an unsuspecting student by her first name using this gadget. She sprayed mace in his eyes and screamed rape. Her reaction seemed a tad bit excessive. Nevertheless, how much do I have to worry about blue tooth hooligans? Should I keep it off? I feel so naked.

Um, okay. I've wasted far too much time. Must sleep. No, must study lines. Wait. I still have to try and install some software. That reminds me why I ended up on this computer in the first place. I forgot my super secret apple password and thought maybe I'd written down somewhere at my desk. Then I decided to see what was up with the old blog.

Okay. Now I'm officially stopping.


Butternut said...

Free cookies! Sweet!

Congrats on being busy!

Seems like only yesterday you were posting twice a day on your blog and getting bored. I hope the performance goes well.

Congrats on the laptop!

Bluetooth? Well I'd turn it off if you aren't going to use it. It also eats up battery power so turning it off will help there too. As far as vulnerabilities, I don't know, but I also have ├╝ber geek friends who would know. Since I'm in the market for a Bluetooth phone anyway I'll ask them. I have Bluetooth on my laptop and in my car but not my phone so I never use it. Stupid Verizon.

Funny you should mention Ken Burns. Just last Friday I wrote a simple slide show program (for PC) that will randomly pan and zoom photos. That's of course known as the "Ken Burns" effect. OK so it has nothing to do with video editing or Ken Burns.

Clinton Freeman said...

Ditto on the congrats.

I like Ken Burns.

VagabondLoafer said...

Ditto on the congrats.
Show sounds goood!

Antonio Gramsci said...

Fare thee well on the show.

Also, please buy a laptop lock for your laptop. I have an extra one if you can wait until December.

Lastly, sorry about the 24 thing.

Healer2K said...

hmmm... Judging by the poster... the cookies could prove to be very interesring, if not provocative... :/