Thursday, February 16, 2006

Boinking to Keep Our Streets Safe

Okay, the story's a couple days old, but it's positively genius. In order to rid its town of prostitution, the Sherrif's department in Spotsylvania, Virginia has determined that its officers should have sexual acts performed on them so they can "Catch the prostitutes in the act."

You've got to appreciate the level of commitment these officers have for the job. I mean, to serve and protect is one thing, but to allow oneself to be sullied by a fellatio is quite another.

Now that this story has made national headlines, I doubt this policy will last much longer. But I suspect arrests for prostitution would have gone up over 200%. I wonder if only the better-looking whores were targeted.


VagabondLoafer said...

"To Protect and Swerve"

Clinton Freeman said...

I love this quote, ". . . only unmarried detectives are allowed to do the under-the-covers work."

That sheriff needs to be fired. That doesn't help make a case against a woman, it actually destroys it. The only question is does the DA drop the charges, the judge throw the case out, or the jury fail to convict.

I wonder, how far did the sting on the gay prostitutes go?

YouToldHarpoTaBeatMe said...

I'm starting to wonder if it's a plea for more time off, so the Officers CAN have a social life. I can actually picture a gang of folks applying for the police academy to serve there.

Butternut said...

It would be a good recruitment tool for young cops. Except these are Virginia ho's we're talking about so I don't know how scary that is. I expect most ho's are not someone you'd really want to have sex with anyway, if you can avoid it. Although, I did bump into a ho in Vegas in an elevator once... Hey isn't that an Aerosmith song?

Kinda funny that this took place in Virginia.

If the cops get into trouble they could always claim they were giving her the Virginia Breathalyzer test.

Butternut said...

You showing off your Photoshop skills, Laura?

Chueyjoo said...

This idea has already been done on a sex site which I will not name but has the initials BB.

Laura Swisher said...

Yes, I'm showing off my rudimentary Photoshop "skills".

What's the sex website BB? I'm sure this story is on many sites. It's news.

Tim said...
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