Monday, May 01, 2006

My New Favorite Organization

A march where men wear high heels to raise money for victims of domestic violence. Any event that can combine comedy and compassion gets my vote. I don't think even I could participate. I'd make it one block and then collapse from pain. My feet are very sensitive.


Tim said...

I believe you just admitted to being a man.

Clinton Freeman said...

Holy Cow!
I'm starting my own blog again because there are too many stories like this one.

Apparently, people just don't understand that political demonstrations are suppose to help achieve a goal. Instead of "Rebel without a Cause" there is too much God damn "activism without a purpose."

High heel shoes hurting her feet is not evidence Laura's a guy.
The fact that so many women do something that hurts so much is evidence of male hegemony.
Besides, Laura has nice bumpy bits.

Tim said...

Yeah but she wrote "where MEN wear high heels to raise"...!

I think bits is very euro - I think the kids are calling them lumps.

Laura how do you like Clinton and I discussing your lumps? Your lumps? Your lumps your lumps your lumps?!

Last year for a joke I slapped on this girls sandals with like 4 inches of lift - I fell - hard. I'm serious.

Behm-Azis said...

Lol the both you you should be shot! I would have to agree I do fine the Swish simply irresitable. One year for Halloween I wore my girlfriends sisters dress and a blond wig so I looked Like "Wanda" from In Living Color. So many people gotta good laugh out if that and were surprised I could walk so well in High heels. I didn't wanna be known for walkin well in heels so that was the first time and the last time for that. Yet for a WORTHY cause I'd do it again.

dragonflypurity said...

hah! What a great concept for such a wonderful cause. I only wish I had a picture immortalizing the event.

Butternut said...

These heels were made for walking...

I bet the local transvestites raised a lot of money that day. Practice practice practice. It's all in the hips. So I'm told.

Yes, I agree that Laura is most likely not a man. The proof being the bumps (I'm with Clinton), the tiny dog (Bean!), and the lack of a penis (allegedly).