Saturday, April 15, 2006

Guy Will Beat Me

If I don't write about his Seder. Last night was Guy's Sixth Annual Seder, a tradition he carries on ostensibly to honor his people, the Chosen People. In reality, this fete is a celebration of Guy and his literary prowess and God takes a back seat, because He did not spend weeks preparing a feast that included salty herbs, boiled eggs, lox, prime rib, green beans in mustard sauce, cheesy mashed potatoes, kugel, matzah, beet & onion salad, matzah crackers, homemade mustard, maror, homemade green sauce and homemade chocolate ice cream with raspberry compote.

Somewhere between fifteen and twenty people attended, and half were Jews the other half not. And in case there was any question who was what, Guy conveniently listed our names on the front page of the program: Laura Swisher, Shikse; Lesley Wolf, Jewess and on and on. Guy's Seders are similar to school plays in that everyone gets a script and has assigned parts. I played the part of Hands Cleanser #1 and Hands Cleanser #2, and recited lots of stuff in Hebrew with a not-to-shabby accent.

Today I am currently listening to portions of the evening that I recorded on my DAT and will select some highlights for today's podcast, which features non-Jew Melinda Hill.

I now have to get back to sorting through the sound clips, but I highly recommend you listen to W&TS on Monday or Tuesday to get an inkling of the irreverant blasphemy that is Guy's Seder.


Butternut said...

My Jewish best friend invited me to Easter. Go figure.

Clinton Freeman said...

See, Laura.
There's no need to wonder if your sense of "identity" is appropriate.
Just use Guy as your barometer. You only need be as "Black" as he is "Jewish."

Guy said...

i'm WAY blacker and jewisher than laura.

but not as quote-obsessed as clinton.

Clinton Freeman said...

What ever do you "mean?"