Monday, April 03, 2006

It's Hard Out Here for a Ho'

But it's about to get least in Illinois. Lawmakers are looking at a bill that would allow prostitutes legal recourse against their pimps or customers who attack them. I say: Let the lawsuits begin!

I'd like to see unionization for prostitutes, a minimum wage, shorter hours and health care. Also, I'd like them to have access to a gym. And daycare. But I guess not getting the *hit beat out of them is a decent place to start.

I wonder how you prove in court that someone was your pimp. Do pimps have W2s on their bitches? Can a pimp fire a ho'? If a ho' is fired, does she get to go on unemployment.

This article brings up a lot of questions for me.


Tim said...
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Aaron said... can't get a dollar outta me...

Butternut said...

I learned all I know about pimping in elementary school.

I think ho's need a dental plan too. And french benefits.

Clinton Freeman said...

You folks know WAY TOO MUCH about this subject.
When I find a TV evangelist that doesn't use them, I'll get them to pray for you.