Monday, April 03, 2006

Shania Twain Shocker: Caught on Tape (audio tape)!

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As heard on Weezy & The Swish, the shocking events of the Shania Twain stripper were caught on tape. We got the exclusive coverage and now, dear readers, you can listen to it right here.

If you have children in the room, now would be a good time to ask them to leave.


Butternut said...

Uh, so is that going to make sense after I hear the podcast? (which still isn't posted) Or did you accidentally hit the record button at an inappropriate time?

These dang internets is making this old man so confuddled. Pop-tarts!

Laura Swisher said...

You have to be familiar with the original news article describing how a woman accidentally killed her husband in a sexual dance involving the music of Shania Twain and a shotgun. Shania's music is erotic; loaded shotguns not so much. So what I uncovered on tape was this woman's sexcapade gone awry.

Now does it make sense?

Fredtimbo said...

Maybe if she remembered the lyrics while trying to sing the song, he would have not died.

Butternut said...

Ah, the one 2 posts ago. Maybe if there was the sound of a shotgun going off I would have picked up on it. Must've been that silencer. Plus it sounded like a phone hanging up at the end.

Maybe "Killing me softly" instead? Or "Maxwell's Silver Hammer"

Clinton Freeman said...

If you have to explain a joke, it probably isn't funny and/or you're me.

Clinton Freeman said...

BTW, Shania Twain's songs don't kill. Celine Dion's do.