Thursday, June 29, 2006

Dateline's "To Catch a President" Nails Russian President Putin

Russian President Vladmir Putin gets caught up in "Dateline" sting. Chris Hanson confronted Pootie Poot on the world leader's brazen display of affection for a young Russian boy. Dateline's "To Catch a Predator", a magazine-style show that sets up stings to catch would-be child molesters, has been a huge ratings draw for NBC. In an attempt to generate even more viewers, this week the show targeted world leaders and Putin's fall from grace can be seen on videotape. has the footage.


Tim said...

Three things:

a) I can't see the video but I want to be sure he wasn't just giving the kid a raspberry not that that makes it any better.

b) The thing about that Dateline bit is that we the viewer in our outrage truly couldn't give a shit less about the dipshit hosts righeous indignation when INTERVIEWING these would be felons. I'd rather they chain them up and squirt them with water guns and say "hahaha you'll never see daylight again!" Instead he tsks, he moans, he gestures and tries to convey the inherent wrong to the decided upon criminal. finally the scum leaves. WTF kind of sting is that?! What I want to see is a montage of the host getting his makeup applied and touched up before and after said interview. Thing is, it's the worst of mankind served up fresh on a platter by the OTHER worst of mankind; greed and vanity.

3) I have no three. I might have originally but you'll forgive me.

Laura it's good to see you posting more than once a week kiddo.

Butternut said...

1. Is Russian still important?

2. That wasn't a kiss that was a taste test. He's an Eater, just like Laura. I'd recommend throwing that baby back though, he looks too old and tough like mutton.

3. Profit.

4. Laura posting often means she's not as busy as she normally is. That spells danger. Something about "idle hands" and "The Devil" and "marshmellows".

Gamma. Where are all the good pics from China? I'm looking for sweat shops and Internet cafes with Google and nuklar weapons plants. What kind of a lazy super spy are you?