Friday, June 30, 2006

Pickles Are Destroying My Life

And I'm not the only one.


Butternut said...

Therapy, please for our sake, not yours. She was probably raped by the Vlasic pickle stork.

Just for fun, I ordered 1000 T-Shirt and bumper stickers to be sent to her school.

I'm ordering these for me:

Phill said...

try this on your curry:

Tim said...

Maybe she was traumatized as a kid when she saw an older male figure jerkin the gherkin. Ok that was a stretch but seems like this story has a vein of comedy gold in it somewhat ruined by it's original appearance on Maury Povich. Like a troup of midget clowns appearing on Ricky Lake. Hahah yeah Ricky Lake. All I know is if they wanted to jump to the heart of this matter they should have made her face a huge jar of pickles and then had someone reach in and pull a 9" dildo out. She'd have either gone berserk or been cured on the spot.