Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Parking Enforcement Is Evil

Forget flag desecration, net neutrality and Iraq, the number one problem facing the country today is parking enforcement. Whether or not Bush lies, millions of people everyday face ridiculous fines for minor infractions. And when I read this article, it renewed my hatred of the parking industrial complex.

So this guy gets a ticket for parking on the street between certain hours. He says there weren't any signs posted when he parked, and I believe him. Nevertheless, he gets fined. So he pays the fine, and in the memo of the check writes, BULLSHIT MONEY GRAB. And, clearly, it's a bullshit money grab. And that should be that, right? He pays fine, moves on with his life until the next ticket (probably a couple days away).

But no.
That got Militzer an in-person court appearance - on a contempt of court charge. He's scheduled to go before a judge Wednesday, accompanied by an American Civil Liberties Union attorney who will argue Militzer's remark is protected by the First Amendment.

I hope he's able to win the case and sue the city for mental anguish. There was a period of time where I got tickets all the time. I lived on a street that had street parking twice a week between 8 and 10am. I think there should be a law that no street cleaning occur before 10am because it's cruel and unusual to make people disrupt their sleeping patterns to move their car across the street. 10am is way more reasonable. In any case, I used to get a ton of tickets that would triple in cost when I failed to pay them on time. So a $30 ticket would turn into $108. And it was extremely painful to write checks. I'd seethe with anger at the injustice and I'd usually add my opinion in the memo. Once I think I wrote "NAZI extortion". Please don't comment on my comparison of parking enforcement to Nazism. I'm not seriously comparing the two. Also, Nazi meter maids were way less harsh than their Los Angeles counterparts.

The point is that the memos were my little way to protest. It was all I had. Come to find out there are sadistic dweebs who READ INCOMING CHECKS to heap more misery on us!



Tim said...

That's fucking scary. Whatever you do from this point foward do NOT write "Nazi extortion" on your check memos or we'll never hear from you again.

As the world moves deeper into 1984 I wonder how the hell will they build enough jail cells to hold all of us? Because that's where it seems like "they" want to head.

I've never been arrested. I'm 37. I'm pretty sure before I decompose I will be though. I never used to think this.

Clinton Freeman said...

"They" don't want everybody in jail.
Somebody has to build the jails and somebody has to be guards. All they really want is to take all your money.

Taxation -- the next best thing to slavery.

Tim said...

The thing about taking all our money is that it's increasingly difficult to do with the sudden gap between television advertising and the purchase power of the internet. "They" will get desperate. I beleive in "they" and "they" give me the jeebs.