Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th!

I'm currently breaking the law. I don't have Internet access until Monday and am borrowing it from someone in my apartment building. Shhhhh. Don't say anything. Of course, I also just read a bunch of articles about unsecured networks and apparently anything I do online can be watched by some yahoo in a van who's out war driving, or whatever it is these high-tech kids do these days.

I moved this past weekend so I'm not completely settled into the new place. There are boxes all over the place and my bed is nothing but a bunch of wooden planks and metal rods lying on the floor or leaning up against the wall. I need to borrow a boyfriend to put it together. I've been told it's simple but time consuming. I see impossible but time consuming. Then again, I'm lazy. So I'll be borrowing a friend's boyfriend.

Happy Fourth everyone. Remember, be safe out there today. Don't talk and drive. Hand someone your cell phone before you get behind the wheel or make sure you bring a designated talker.


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Butternut said...

I think the author was drunk.

"once while talking on their cellphones held in their hands, once while undistrated"

I also don't think he went to college since he can't identify the ingredients of a Screwdriver.

Well it's good to hear you found a place Laura. It usually takes me 3 months to unpack after a move, and I've been moving on average every 18 months for the last 10+ years. Lots of boxes. I'm sure you can find a blog or WATS fan or a dozen that would help you put together your bed. Be gentle with them, use your powers for good, not evil.

Unencrypted packets? Yeah, if you're connected without some form of encryption and someone was a short distance away from the wireless network they could 'sniff your packets' (giggle). They would just see the same thing the NSA is seeing anyway. It's just another pair of eyes reading your blog. Ah, apartment life...

Tim said...

Ah Independence Day and you get spammed by "Freeadsforbloggers". Seasonal irony at it's finest. Did you know that countries are thought to have bear the Chinese astrological influences of the year in which they were founded? Hmm? Yeah I didn't think so sucka. 1776 was a Monkey year, which pretty much makes us a Monkey country. You know.

Congratz on the new digs. Once you start unpacking it just gets better and better. Happy 4th!

Aaron said...

What is an internet?

Tim said...

So much for posting twice a week - did you run off with your borrowed boyfriend?