Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Dear Job Recruiters

It's taken me a while to write this post because I've been trying to come up with ways to be more my spare time. That's what I do to relax. I think of ways I can be a better worker.

I know I may have blogged about going on a heroin binge a few weeks ago, but that was in jest. I kid like that. And the hundreds of "drunken" pictures of me and my friends were the work of Photoshop. Seriously. I don't drink, not even socially. I do, however, look to get an edge in the work place by brushing up on my Photoshop and HTML skills. Hence that picture of me smoking a joint.


So I keep coming across articles about employers Googling potential job candidates. There was a thread on Digg about it earlier today. It generated a ton of comments. And because it's a tech-savvy group of individuals who contribute comments, many were smug in nature, the authors pointing out that anyone with a MySpace account deserves to be shunned by employers. Others bragged that they never used their real names, or sent emails using their real names.

Of course it makes sense. For me, however, it's too late. I've a lot of history online. And, in retrospect, I probably should not have used my real name on Craigslist requesting certain services. It was dumb. I was naive. And now I'm wondering, "Have I blogged myself into a corner?" Because were I to apply for a job in South Dakota, my writing could come back to haunt me. It's quite possible the only places I can work in the country are California, New York and...would Chicago have me?

So I'd like to point out that the views expressed on Swisher's Untitled Blog Project are not necessarily the views of Laura Swisher. I would like to officially distance myself from everything written here. Unless, of course, you agree, in which case, I may agree with the views expressed here.

And here's another question: Is there an amount of time after which you shouldn't be responsible for your postings? How long should a college indiscretion follow you around? Because the picture of my hit and run accident was a long time ago. The authorities aren't even interested in it now. Why should anyone else be?



Tim said...

It may be too late for you but your asking these questions at just the right time; at the moment before they become everyone's questions. Truly I have no idea. I can see it both ways; you find your perfect district manager in a three foot stack of resumes - meet her/him, it goes perfectly. Then you google them to find they are the head of the local Fury Fetish club and well known as a gigantic horny blue tiger - pics on their MySpace, a blog about it. Better yet a day care instructor. Is it relevant? Does it matter? On the other side of the coin someone like you is fingered for a web presence and a quick background check reveals that you are the real deal. I just don't know. I expect you'll hear more stories like the first example (couldn't find the thread at Digg you were referring to). I think the moral of this story will be to live honestly (or take responsibility) - even online - even if you are a freak. Someone somewhere will get turned down for a job because of their MySpace photos and that person will laugh and be glad. I guess. But don't rule out the boss who is really the leader of teh Kink Community in Burbank who is googling all the resumes he got HOPING to find some freak. Oh the possibilities are endless. A girl I used to date wrote me this week to say she found an ex boyfriend in a porn clip (not me). Somewhere at the same time someone found one of their spouse. Or parent. WORLDS ARE COLLIDING!

I don't know if your kidding about not drinking - I don't' drink either, even socially - dated a bartender in college who crushed my heart with some vodka and lime and drank it. Then fucked the bouncer. T'was enuff. Where's Clinton and the gang? Just found out an online buddy of mine - his wife is in Israel for the next three days and it is some hairball shit he is relaying to me. Laura Butternut Clinton whever you all are I hope ye are safe. Truly.

Nutty said...

You make me laugh Laura Swisher...

Butternut said...

No relation, I assure you.