Monday, July 10, 2006

Lotta Lobster

Back from the Boston area where I attended a friend's wedding. Ate a lotta chowdah and a lotta lobster and a little bit o' crab.

Now it's back to worrying about bees.

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Tim said...

Man I'm entirly hip to the bees situation. Last week at a friends house I saw a startling number of honeybees on some Bee Balm (of all things) - it was the most honeybees I've seen in years. Then again there is only so much doom I can carry with me on any given day. It was beautiful out I must add. Boston eh - my kneck of the woods. Oddly, I had a friend down from Boston on sunday and he caught the first fish of his life. Twelve or so in fact. There was however no associated marriage ceremony but the weather was right for it. Ya ever been to Brimfield or Sturbridge? Good stuff if you like good stuff in a gentlemen farmer kinda way.