Tuesday, December 05, 2006

New Rocky Movie

In an interview recently, Sylvester Stallone said this latest Rocky will harken back to the original movie, stay true to its roots. It is a little different, however. Remember the scene in the first movie where Rocky runs up the steps of the Philadelphia library and raises his hands triumphantly? In the new film, Rocky takes the escalator.


Butternut said...

I already saw this movie. It was called "George Foreman".


Wouldn't it be cool if he gets nearly killed an put on life support in the end and they have to kill him to put him out of his misery? Or at least his career?

Amadeo said...

I just keep wondering...how old is he in this movie?

Clinton Freeman said...

Stallone is 60 and already said he'll make another Rambo in 2008.
He's proud of his exercise and nutrition regimes and he might even turn out to be as active as Jack La Lanne, but come on.
Wearing Depends under his fatigues might make the movie too hard to believe.

Tim said...

All I can see when I watch teh trailer for this movie is the copious plastic surgery he's had. Holy shit.

Aaron said...

i find this halrious, because when the first movie came out, technically he was the age of a boxer would soon be looking to retire.

Are you sure it's really him in this movie and not a cgi character...they're doing amazing things with computers these days.