Thursday, December 07, 2006

Second Class Citizens

I'm sick and tired of governments cracking down on supermodels. This "You're-too-skinny" business has got to stop. As someone who's extremely attractive myself, I know what it's like to be so good looking that the government takes notice. Politicians are always looking for scapegoats to blame their problems on. This is a really scary situation, and smacks of fascism. I wouldn't be surprised if the Italians started blaming models for its flagging economy. It reminds me of that saying, "First they came for the supermodels, and then they came for me."


Tim said...

In one of the many videos of you available somewhere on the internets there is a three second moment where you are the hottest woman of all time. You can all bugger off looking for those five seconds tho because I'm not saying squat. I do however think that the not-so-organized campaigning on behalf of whomever (day and year depending) both goes back decades and also fails to recognize the actual trends as they occur which tend to go both ways. Is skinny "in"? How 1962 and 1989 and Nicole Richie. We're too fat! We're too skinny! OMFG BRITNEYS VAGINA!!!

Butternut said...

OMFG is right. Frankly I never found those skinny stick girls attractive. Sell whatever you want, I wasn't going to buy it anyway. Also on the flip side the super muscled aren't my cup of 'roids either. For that matter put fake boobs, fake lips, and fake attitudes on that list.

We aren't all perfect and I'm willing to be with someone who isn't a 10. But you better be funny and a 9.