Thursday, February 15, 2007

Gay People Should Have Separate Drinking Fountains

Thank goodness the civil rights movement has been so successful that black people can now openly discriminate against gays. We've come so far! Thank you, Tim Hardaway, for having the courage to speak your mind. Hopefully more athletes like yourself will speak out against homosexuals. A lot of folks are outraged by your remarks. I can't think of one good reason why your views are celebrated as anything other than refreshingly honest.


Tim said...

It's a tough call.

In terms of Freedom of Religion I guess we're "allowed" to have our own pre and misconceptions - but boy oh boy doesn't Television make it sound like it carries more weight than it does. Sure somewhere some little football head kid is going "yeah me too!" I dunno. Athelete stardom does not make one an expert on anything expept perhaps their sport. But we are almost obligated to tell everyone with a hint of celebrity that they are held to different standards becomes someone might hear them somewhere. As though nobody hears you preaching to the dunkin donuts clerk in your town. When I start reconstructing my belief system based on the the "views" expressed by a professional athelete, it will be David Ortiz. Because I love him. And anything he says I instantly adhere to. Because love makes me dumb.

duboisist said...

I agree with Tim that it's a tough call. It's like Charles Barkley says - athletes shouldn't be role models.
It is ironic (and very funny) that ABC is talking about AIDS in the black community on the same day, but the specifics don't really argue against Hardaway's statements. Unfortunately, black women are at the biggest threat of getting AIDS. Most of the reasons are as a result of their own behavior, but sex with gays "on the down low" increase their risk.
Since it's Black History Month, it's very easy to point out how much of the contributions made by, and on behalf of, black people have been made by black gays.

duboisist said...

Of course, it could just be a case of Hardaway "protesting too much." Maybe he's afraid people will find out he's "on the DL" (And I don't mean disabled list)

Laura Swisher said...

My point is that AIDS is high for black women because of homophobia. To say it's a result of their own behavior is not entirely accurate because it implies they have all the information they need to make healthy choices (to have sex without a condom, for example). If their partners are on the DL, they are at risk. It's one thing to put oneself at risk, quite another to put your partner's health at risk. Fake morality has serious consequences.

Yogifish said...

We want people to be honest, and then we cut them down when they say what we don't like to hear.

I don't have a problem with people who are GAY or HETEROSEXUAL ...

...But I hate the hell out of FLAMBOENT and INTRUSIVE people who make their sexuality my concern.

Call me LoudMouthPeoplePhobic

duboisist said...

There are a lot of HIV* people in the black community. There is a lot of TB in the black community. There is a lot of homophobia in the black community. I'm pretty sure none of the above is caused by Tim Hardaway saying something stupid.
Yes, it would be great if people were better educated on how to avoid the diseases of HIV, TB, homophobia, and Tim Hardaway, but some people will still choose to participate in high risk activities no matter how much they are warned.

I guess I'm just tired of all the focusing on what some celebrity says or does. I just don't see why I should care any more than if any other complete stranger said it.

Butternut said...

Wait, I though AIDS was a gay disease? That's what Magic Johnson taught us, right? Lucky for me I'm a Chinese jet pilot and am immune to diseases of the naughty bits.

It's pretty stupid to hate an entire group of people based on their sexual preference. Even stupider to say it publicly, in the media. Even stupiderer for someone who's trying to be involved in the NBA. I think that's what the fuss is about. Expect a public apology soon, which obviously will not be sincere.

Wrap it before you tap it. And watch your cornhole, man.

Tim said...

I'm not trying to be dense here (comes naturally) but do you mean that AIDS is high in Black Women because homophobia prevents their partners from telling them they have been with possibly infected men? Well, if that's the case then I can see where this dudes comments would fuel that fire. Am I getting this right?

Butternut said...

Oh, and a follow-up:

I think the next athlete(s) to come out will be Luke Walton of the Lakers and Richard Jefferson of the Nets. I mean come on, they share a house together in San Diego in the off season? Other than that I have no factual information.

And for the record I'm a Laker fan and would totally get a Walton jersey regardless of orientation.

duboisist said...

I wouldn't be surprised to find out Luke was gay, but I wouldn't be too surprised to find his dad felt the way Hardaway does either. Although, I would be stunned to hear him say so on TV.
Personally, I would be more concerned about dimwit teammates who have unprotected sex with groupies than one who happens to be gay, but then again I wouldn't have sex or share a needle with ANY of them.

Butternut said...

Mr. Hardaway already "apologized" Thursday, earlier today. Of course it's the typical "I'm sorry I got caught"-type excuse. Well played.

"I shouldn't have said I hate gay people or anything like that."

This is extra funny to me because a couple weeks ago I was talking to my friends about how odd it was there aren't any gay athletes in major league sports. Double funny because when I was a little kid I knew that gay rights would be the equivalent of racial rights for my generation.

Yogifish said...

I respect that Tim Hardaway said what he honestly felt as a person, although I don't agree.

Too many celebrities are valued for what people think they are, but most of them are hiding their true feelings.

Think about Mel Gibson and his jewish rants, I doubt he's the only person in Hollywood who feels that way.

Not all MACHO men are really what they pretend to be.

Laura Swisher said...

Tim, you got what I was saying. Because there's less acceptance of homosexuality in the black community, homosexuals are more likely to keep things on the DL. And rather than simply be themselves, they'll get married or date women. And like it or not, but what celebrities do and say have a tremendous impact on society, even if they're stupid athletes. So I think it's important to publicly say such comments are unacceptable. I'm pro-tolerance.

Tim said...

I'm down.

Put me down for down.