Friday, May 04, 2007

Did I Mention I Hate Cable Companies?

I am currently on the phone with the cable company and am about to agree to pay an astronomical monthly payment, and have somehow gotten roped into getting a home phone number because it comes out to about the same as what I would pay with just Internet and cable. This is me just venting. I heard that in Europe there is actually competition for Internet providers and cable companies. Might be nice if this free market allowed actual competition. Ugh.


Matt Adams said...

I'm still trying to avoid thinking of how the phone companies were split up in the 80s, and now everything "is now The New AT&T." o_O

Butternut said...

DSL? Still requires a land-line though. Sucks. I think you can get barebones DSL now. It tends to be slower for the money but that may have changed since last I looked.

Actually, my Time-Warner (RoadRunner) cable Internet has been great! I don't even have a land line. I use DirecTV for TV. Of course when you add the two up it's over $100/month and I don't get any pay channels like HBO, etc.

YogiFish said...

Without cable, your aren't living and learning. Most people in America only have basic off air TV. You know they are behind in human growth because of it. How sad :(

I've been trying to move for 12 years now. yo've inspired me to go at it honestly again. And,, I 'm just trying to move from New Jersey to NYC, NY, but it's hard to let go of an old place and start anew.

You have an adventerous life Laura. I guest that's why we keep up with your continuing stories and perspectives. VERY INTERESTING:)

Yogi -

alexpod76 said...

On the FACT that i can't stand cable in more...I was stuck with insane bills for program i didn't even realize i had been recieving not to meantion not using, but my friend from the bank recommended that i go to and they could hook me up. Did it the next day and Now I'm so happy with DISH. Mostly cause of the online help and DVR but omg the differance is unreal.