Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Tax Day

I hope none of the money I've given the government this year goes to education or a health care system that works for everyone. I've got my fingers crossed that it's all going to weaponry and destruction. You know, to keep us safer. I wish citizens had more control over where our taxes went. I would love it if our tax dollars went to specific items, kind of like a really large bridal registry. And we all had until April 15th to pick out what to buy. Me? I'd get monogramed towels for Pentagon employees and an RPG or two. And it would be nice to get a thank you note back. "Dear Laura, thank you SO much for the towels. All the generals comment on their softness. And your RPG was just used in a training exercise at Camp Pendleton! Sincerely, The I.R.S."

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Butternut said...

Welcome back to blogging Laura. I would have replied to your "Quick Update" earlier but Yahoo!'s (Yahoo's! ?) RSS feeds don't seem to keep up.

Sorry to hear you got laid off, I'm sure rent in S.F. ain't cheap. I am selfishly happy to hear you're coming back to Los Angeles. I hope that means there's an off chance of a "Weezy and The Swish" revival. I'm afraid I haven't listened to her show since you left.

I hope all my tax monies are spent to recover this administration's lost emails. I think that would be well spent.